Dental Bonding - Burlington

Looking for Dental Bonding? Burlington Dentist offers a full line of dental bonding solutions for your restorative dentistry. Find information about dental bonding from Burlington Dentist, including reasons for teeth bonding.


Direct composite bonding uses tooth-hued direct dental composites to repair various types of tooth damage, such as chips, fractures and gaps.

Dental Bonding itself involves adhesion (bonding) of a composite resin to the natural substance of a tooth, such as the enamel or dentin. It's cured with a specialized light to harden all layers and to ensure the material has bonded to the tooth.

Tooth dental bonding techniques are known for their versatility and fall under various clinical branches including operative, preventative, cosmetic and pediatric dentistry, as well as prosthodontics and orthodontics.

If you have a tooth that has suffered damage, or would benefit from cosmetic enhancement, dental bonding can help to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of your teeth. It can improve overall appearance, and strengthen its structural integrity.